Free And Simple Seo Tools You Should Be Using In 2018


16396190858_47d756055b_bNowadays, There is a ton of SEO tools available on the web which can help us to check ranking or traffic to our website. There are various types of useful SEO tools for managing SEO. These list of free SEO tools can boost your organic rankings on search engines. So, See the best and simple tools for 2018 right here:-

1. Google webmaster tool
2. Google analytic tool
2. Keyword analysis
3. Rank checker tool
4. Bulk domain authority checker
5. Plagiarism checker tool
6. Link building tool
7. Link removal tool

If you think I’ve missed any other free SEO tool when putting this list together, Please feel free to suggest me 🙂 🙂 🙂



Helpful Tips On Choosing Your First Essay Writing Service

First timers can be quite uncomfortable and doubtful in almost everything. When you have no experience or knowledge of a certain thing, it gets almost impossible for you to stay calm and act normal. Even if you have seen others do it successfully, but you still cannot help but think of all those who had a bad experience. You do not consider the law of averages and see the probability of you going through a bad experience out of a million others. A student will have the exact same feeling if he or she is hiring an essay writing service for the first time. Regardless of his peers having success and good experience, he will keep worrying about the bad experiences heard or seen in news or elsewhere. This is natural; students are impulsive and impatient because of their young age. They cannot hold back their feelings and expressions because of lesser control.

If you are feeling the same or going through a similar situation, then you should read this article below. You will find out some foolproof tips to help you stay safe and avoid any bad experiences. Remember that panicking or stress is never a solution to any problem. You can control a situation easily if you keep your cool and do not let it get on your nerves. These tips are from an expert so you will know all the specific details to keep in mind while buying an essay from a writer or agency

  1. Never make an impulsive decision
  2. Note down your requirements and match them with the writer or agency
  3. Never pay someone the complete amount before you approve the paper
  4. Always check your paper for the originality
  5. Check what customers say about them
  6. Never rely on anyone with your bank login credentials
  7. Check relevant samples of the portfolio or ask for a custom sample to check the quality of the work
  8. Talk to the writer as much as you can so that you and him are on the same note throughout
  9. Edit and proofread on your own before you go ahead and submit the paper to your teacher or university. Do not pay the service provider unless you are done with the proofing. If you find any errors or mistakes, you can ask them to fix it

Top 10 beauty vloggers you should definitely follow

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The 15 labels to help you crack summer dressing

I write this with my toes, fingers, eyes (slightly tricky for typing), and legs crossed. Last week I had the heating on, so ideas about what to wear whilst skipping around on sunny days seem hopeful if not fantastical at best. But, like any seasoned British sea-side goer we are persevering onward. And this week the weather seems to have delivered. So how to dress for the heat?  Continue reading The 15 labels to help you crack summer dressing